About Us

B&WSSC is not for profit organization promoted by CII with financial support from NSDC, under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

The aim is to establish an effective and efficient eco-system for development and imparting of skills in Beauty and Wellness industry including Content & Curriculum, Courses, information databases, delivery systems, standardization of the accreditation and certification process to enhance employability of the Indian workforce globally.

Council is Chaired by Mrs. Vandana Luthra along with Industry icons like Dr. Blossom Kochhar Co-Chairperson, Mr. Madhukar Talwalkar, Ms. Gurpreet Seble, Mr. Sumit Israni & Ms. Rekha Chaudhary and many others.

Since inception, it has grown exponentially making its presence in 29 States & 7 UTs, for training and certifying over 2 lakh of youth by helping them employable /self-employable, with a certificate in Beauty and Wellness, recognised by the Government of India.

The council received the awards for best Sector Skill Council, and also won the Best Tableau by MSDE at the last Republic Day parade in Jan’2017. It’s the first council to win the Gold Medal in Skilling at the Oceania Skill Competition besides winning medallions of Excellence at the last World Skills in Sao Paulo Brazil.

B&WSSC Mandate

  • Bridge the skill gaps and develop a talent pool that is essential to aid the growth of Beauty & Wellness sector in India.
  • Develop National Occupational Standards & Qualification Packs for various job-roles in Beauty & Wellness sector.
  • Conduct industry and market studies to determine the skill gap in key segments in the Beauty and Wellness industry on an on-going basis.
  • Design Courses and Training Content, and Set Standards.
  • Put-in place an Assessment & Certification Mechanism.
  • Accredit/Affiliate training providers and provide Certification of learners/workforce.
  • Facilitate Placements and Entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitate/Conduct Training of Trainers and Training of Assessors.
  • Create awareness about the Beauty and Wellness industry.
  • Involve all Stakeholders – employers, learners, academia and vocational bodies – in the skill development exercise.
  • Establish/Facilitate in-house Training Centers and Centers of Excellence.
  • Set up an effective Labour Market Information System (LMIS).
  • Benchmark Indian beauty and wellness education with international standards.

Who Can Affiliate With Us

  • Any Education Body/ Vocational Training provider (VTP) with 2 years of relevant work experience.
  • Institute/Colleges/Schools in the sphere of Beauty & Wellness sector.
  • Corporates with interest in skill development as part of CSR activities.
  • Beauty & Wellness Chains/Stand-alone focused on training their staff.
  • Training Academy in the field of developing skill in Beauty & Wellness Sector.

Why Affiliate With Us?

  • Aligning training to National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).
  • Ratification of National Occupational Standards (NOS) based curriculum.
  • Access to Master Trainers
  • Certification of the trainers of the affiliating training provider
  • Assist in On the Job Training (OJT) and / or Placements
  • Assessment of trainees on NOS based curriculum.
  • Industry recognized Certification of the successful trainees.
  • Participation in Government led programs at institutional and state level, aligned to NSQF.
  • Access to the reports on the Sectorial Researches conducted by the B&WSSC
  • Participation in the various Sector Specific Seminars
  • Access to International bodies available in similar space